RAPID Electron Spectrometer IES

Electrons with energies from 20 keV to 400 keV are measured with the Imaging Electron Spectrometer (IES). Advanced microstrip solid state detectors having a 0.5 cm × 1.5 cm planar format with three individual elements form the image plane for three acceptance "pin-hole" systems. Each system divides a 60° segment into 3 angular intervals. A schematic cross-section of an IES pin-hole camera is presented the figure. Three of these detectors arranged in the configuration shown provide electron measurements over a 180° fan.

The 800 micron thick ion-implant solid state devices are covered with a 450 µg/cm2 (Si eq) absorbing window which eliminates ions up to 350 keV through the mass dependent range-energy relationship.

The 9 individual strips on the three focal plane detectors are interrogated by a multichannel switched-charge/voltage-converter (SCVC) in monolythic technology. The SCVC provides for each particle coded information on the strip number and particle energy. This primary information is transferred to the DPU for further evaluation.

2009, Max Planck Institute for
Solar System Research, Lindau
P. W. Daly