Mars Express


Europe's mission to Mars

Mars Express is an ESA project to Mars. It will carry a payload capable of conducting the most thorough search of the red planet yet for liquid water, which is essential for life as we know it. The mission consists of an orbiter and a lander called Beagle 2.
Planned launch: June 2003

> ASPERA-3: Charged and neutral particle spectrometer, a MPS contribution
> MARSIS: Subsurface Sounding Radar/Altimeter, a MPS contribution
> BEAGLE-2: Microscope camera, a MPS contribution
> HRSC: High/Super Resolution Stereo Imager, a MPS contribution
> Mars-Express home page at ESA
> Mars Express publications by MPS members

2006, Max Planck Institute for
Solar System Research, Lindau