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I am a Postdoctoral fellow working in the solar department at the Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research (MPS). I am interested in contributing to the understanding of the physics of the lower solar atmosphere, and in particular, the magnetic fields and flows in sunspot groups. My Ph.D. advisors were Dr. Andreas Lagg and Prof. Sami Solanki. My work is part of the Solar Lower Atmosphere and Magnetism group (SLAM), which is an interdisciplinary research group that gathers expertises in instrumentation and theory development, as well as, observational analysis.

Solar active regions, especially those with sunspots, are correlated with a higher probability of solar eruptions and higher solar activity. Although sunspot groups are the most stunning features observed in the lower solar atmosphere, as of yet, we still do not fully understand the physical processes behind their emergence and until their decay phase. Advances in our observational capabilities have shown the need for multi-messenger observations in order to understand the coupling between the lower solar atmosphere and its upper layers. They have also allowed for new opportunities in examining and understanding the origin and evolution of sunspots.

In my research,I employ space- and ground-based spectropolarimetric observations, MHD simulations, as well as multi-line inversion techniques that solve the radiative transfer equations of polarized light, in order to provide a comprehensive interpretation of the different physical conditions taking place in the Sun.

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