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Team Access

Here there is a list with some links of interest. Note that some specific links are password protected.


  • Postdoctoral position at MPS in cometary submm spectroscopy with Herschel (March 2009) -old-

    General Herschel, HIFI, and NHSC:
    bulletESA Herschel Science Center
    bulletESA Science and Technology:Herschel
    bulletESA Space Science - Herschel
    bulletHIFI Science (SRON)
    bullet Herschel (JPL)
    bulletSRON ICC
    bulletESA 'livelink' Document Facility (passwd protected)
    bulletNASA Herschel Science Center (NHSC)
    bulletNHSC technical information wiki pages
    bulletHSCDT (software development)
    bullet     documentation pages (passwd protected)
    bullet    CSDT ftp area (passwd protected)
    bullet     CSDT ftp area with all sorts of useful software (passwd protected)
    bullet     CSDT ftp area with HCSS installers-incl. HIFI user release
    bullet    another route to obtain HCSS installers
    bullet     HCSS user release dates (passwd protected)
    bulletOT Key Programme Workshop Presentations Noordwijk Feb 2007
    bulletAO call for Herschel Key Programma (useful links to manuals etc.)
    bulletHerschel Observer's Manual
    bulletHSPOT user's manual
    bulletHSPOT and Proposal Handling bugs
    bulletNHSC helpdesk (staff login)
    bulletHerschel/Planck Launch Date Contest
    bullet Herschel in Twitter
    bullet Herschel Observing Schedule
    bullet Herschel's JIRA page (passwd protected)

    HIFI specifics:

    bulletHIFI Pages SRON Groningen (PI institute)
    bulletHIFI ICC Documentation Server (in Paris--passwd protected)
    bulletHIFI Documents at ICC page(passwd protected)
    bulletHIFI Observer's Manual
    bulletIndex of all HIFI HCSS classes
    bulletList of HIFI mailing lists at SRON Groningen
    bulletHIFI ILT wiki pages (passwd protected)
    bulletSPR/SCR reports at ESA for HCSS (incl. HSPOT etc) and HIFI
    bulletHIFI Data Reduction Training Presentations (passwd protected)
    bullet     and useful data reduction links (also passwd protected)
    bullet HIFI ICC meeting minutes (passwd protected)
    bulletList of all Databases at HIFI ICC and their status (passwd protected)
    bulletHIFI ILT Database Log Browser Form (passwd protected)
    bulletHCSDT pages with HIFI/JIDE software installer (passwd protected)
    bulletList of building block definitions (BBID) (passwd protected)
    bulletHIFI Consortium meeting (June 2007)
    bulletGas cell wiki at SRON (passwd protected)
    bullet Knowledge Tree (passwd protected)


    HIFI Editorial Board (HEB):
    bullet HCSS DP Editorial Board (passwd protected)
    bullet HCSS DocBook Guide (about editing XML files and the XXE editor)
    bullet DocBook Reference Guide


  • PACS at MPIfA
  • PACS at Leuven


  • SPIRE Project Office
  • SPIRE at Cardiff University
  • SPIRE at University of Lethbridge
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