Compute Cluster

A Computing Center for Helioseismology is being set up at the Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research to process space observations of helioseismic waves, to simulate wave propagation through solar models, and to deliver original data products to address the science objectives of SISI.

The Level-1 SDO/HMI data will be made accessible by the Joint Science Operations Center at Stanford University and will be archived at MPS by the German Data Center for SDO (GDC-SDO), a DLR funded project.

The SISI compute cluster has 160 CPU cores distributed among five identical compute servers (octet quad-core x86-64, 256 GB memory). GDC-SDO file servers (128 TB) are connected to the compute nodes via InfiniBand. The GDC-SDO provides an additional 32 cores for running the database servers and pre-processing engines. This system is complemented by a tape library (200 slots) and other servers.

Real-Time Activity

Ganglia monitoring system set up by Yacine Saidi. This monitoring system is only available from within the MPS network.

Compute nodes Load
Compute nodes MEM