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Name PhD ThesisDate University
1Volkmar Holzwarth Dynamik magnetischer Flussröhren in Riesensternen und engen Doppelsternen 9 July 2002Göttingen
2Oliver Preuß Astronomical Tests of the Einstein Equivalence Principle 28 Nov 2002Bielefeld
3Lidong Xia Equatorial Coronal Holes and Their Relation to the High-Speed Solar Wind Streams 22 May 2003Göttingen
4Santo Valentin Salinas Cortijo Multi-Dimensional Polarized Radiative Transfer Modeling of Titan's Atmosphere 23 June 2003Göttingen
5Katja Janßen Struktur und Dynamik kleinskaliger Magnetfelder der Sonnenatmosphäre 2 July 2003Göttingen
6Alexander Vögler Three-dimensional simulations of magneto-convection in the solar photosphere 11 July 2003Göttingen
7Maren Wunnenberg Untersuchung kurzperiodischer akustischer Wellen in der Sonnenatmosphäre mit Hilfe der Wavelet-Transformation 20 Aug 2003Göttingen
8Ilya Silin Theory and Vlasov-code simulations of thin current sheet instabilities in collisionless space plasmas 12 July 2004Braunschweig
9Itahiza Francisco Domínguez Cerdeña Quiet Sun Magnetic Fields 14 July 2004Göttingen
10Sergey Shelyag Spectro-polarimetric diagnostics of magneto-convection simulations of the solar photosphere 14 July 2004Göttingen
11Juan Manuel Borrero Santiago The fine structure of the sunspot penumbra 31 Aug 2004Göttingen
12Oleg Okunev Observations and modeling of polar faculae on the Sun 16 Sep 2004Göttingen
13Anja Stadelmann Globale Effekte einer Erdmagnetfeldumkehrung: Magnetosphärenstruktur und kosmische Teilchen 22 Nov 2004Braunschweig
14Gerónimo Luis Villanueva The High-Resolution Spectrometer for SOFIA-GREAT: Instrumentation, Atmospheric Modeling and Observations 30 Nov 2004Freiburg
15Thorsten Bagdonat Hybrid Simulation of Weak Comets 14 Dec 2004Braunschweig
16Tra-Mi Ho Interpretation of Cometary Images and the Modeling of Cometary Dust Comae 23 Dec 2004Bern
17Durgesh Kumar Tripathi EUV and Coronagraphic Observations of Coronal Mass Ejections 17 Feb 2005Göttingen
18Marilena C. Mierla On the Dynamics of the Solar Corona 21 Mar 2005Göttingen
19Ingo Jens Baumann Magnetic Flux Transport on the Sun 21 Mar 2005Göttingen
20Yevgen Grynko Light scattering by cometary dust particles with sizes large compared to the wavelength of light 19 Apr 2005Göttingen
21Luciano Rodriguez Romboli Internal Characteristics if Magnetic Clouds and Interplanetary Coronal Mass Ejections 10 May 2005Braunschweig
22Ana Teresa Monteiro Tomás Energetic particles in the Jovian magnetosphere and their relation to auroral emissions 10 May 2005Braunschweig
23María Hebe Cremades Fernández Three-Dimensional Configuration and Evolution of Coronal Mass Ejections 10 May 2005Braunschweig
24Aveek Sarkar Simulations of the Karlsruhe Dynamo Using the Lattice-Boltzmann Method 4 July 2005Göttingen
25Denise Aida Tortorella Numerical studies of thermal and compressible convection in rotating spherical shells: an application to the giant planets 5 July 2005Göttingen
26Aleksandra Andjic Analysis of short-period waves in the solar chromosphere 6 July 2005Göttingen
27Martin Schrinner Mean-field view on geodynamo models 12 July 2005Göttingen
28Rupali Arunkumar Mahajan Modeling Martian Polar Caps 12 Sep 2005Göttingen
29Ganna V. Portyankina Atmosphere-surface vapor exchange and ices in the Martian polar regions 12 Sep 2005Göttingen
30Maxim I. Kramar A feasibility study about the use of vector tomography for the reconstruction of the coronal magnetic field 19 Sep 2005Göttingen
31Michael Heuer Kinetische Plasmaprozesse und Welle-Teilchen-Wechselwirkung von Ionen im schnellen Sonnenwind 23 Sep 2005Göttingen
32Sabine Preusse Szenarien der Plasmawechselwirkung in kurzperiodischen extrasolaren Planetensystemen 22 Dec 2005Braunschweig
33Yasuhito Narita Low Frequency Waves Upstream and Downstream of the Terrestrial Bow Shock 16 Feb 2006Braunschweig
34Jean-Mathias Grießmeier Aspects of the magnetosphere-stellar wind interaction of close-in extrasolar planets 16 Feb 2006Braunschweig
35Chun Ming Mark Cheung Magnetic flux emergence in the solar photosphere 27 Feb 2006Göttingen
36Vasily Zakharov Diagnostic of the solar photosphere with high spatial resolution using CH, CN and continuum spectral bands 24 Mar 2006Göttingen
37Monika Buske Dreidimensionale thermische Evolutionsmodelle für das Innere von Mars und Merkur 25 Apr 2006Göttingen
38Elena A. Kronberg Dynamics of the Jovian Magnetotail 2 May 2006Braunschweig
39Aikaterini Radioti Energetic ion composition and acceleration mechanisms in the magnetosphere of Jupiter 2 May 2006Braunschweig
40Michael Rost Aggregation magnetischer Staubpartikel unter Mikrogravitation und unter variablen Magnetfeldbedingungen 29 May 2006Braunschweig
41Nazaret Bello González Spectropolarimetry of Sunspot Penumbrae 15 June 2006Göttingen
42Ryu Saito Influence of the Surface on the Atmospheric Circulation of Mars: Study with a General Circulation Model 4 July 2006Braunschweig
43Markus Josef Sailer Simulationsrechnungen anisoplanatischer Übertragungsfunktionen fü,r solare Adaptive Optik 3 Aug 2006Göttingen
44Alina A. Semenova Doppler Imaging of Starspots. A Study of the RS CVn Star σ Geminorum 17 Nov 2006Göttingen
45Takeshi Kuroda Study of the Effects of Dust in the Martian Meteorology Using a General Circulation Model 30 Nov 2006Tokyo
46Martin Tschimmel Investigation of the Atmospheric Water Cycle on Mars by the Planetary Fourier Spectrometer onboard Mars Express 1 Feb 2007Göttingen
47Redouane Mecheri Coronal Waves and Instabilities within the Multi-Fluid Description 28 Feb 2007Göttingen
48Dragos Constantinescu Wave Sources and Structures in the Earth's Magnetosheath and Adjacent Regions 1 Mar 2007Braunschweig
49Evgeny V. Panov Investigation of the current sheets at the outer boundary of the Earth's magnetosphere using the four Cluster spacecraft 6 Apr 2007Space Research Institute, Moscow
50Laura Antonia Balmaceda Solar variability and solar irradiance reconstructions on time scales of decades to centuries 11 Apr 2007Braunschweig
51Stefan Schröder Investigating the Surface of Titan with the Descent Imager/Spectral Radiometer onboard Huygens 27 Apr 2007Göttingen
52Emre Isik Magnetic flux generation and transport in cool stars 18 Jan 2008Göttingen
53Elias Roussos Interactions of weakly or non-magnetized bodies with solar system plasmas: Mars and the moons of Saturn 6 Feb 2008Braunschweig
54Bruno Sánchez-Andrade Nuño Observations, analysis and interpretation with non-LTE of chromospheric structures of the Sun 15 Feb 2008Göttingen
55Julián Blanco Rodríguez Magnetic Activity at the Poles of the Sun 19 Feb 2008Göttingen
56Jean Carlo Santos Three dimensional Magnetohydrodynamic Simulations of Solar Bright Points 27 Feb 2008INPE, Brazil
57Lukasz Matloch Modeling of Solar Mesogranulation 6 Mar 2008Göttingen
58Clementina Sasso Spectro-polarimetry of the solar chromosphere in the He I 10830 Å lines 18 Mar 2008Göttingen
59Lucas Paganini Power spectral density accuracy in Chirp Transform Spectrometers 27 Mar 2008Freiburg
60Luca Maltagliati Investigation of the Martian atmospheric water cycle by the OMEGA mapping spectrometer onboard Mars Express 30 Apr 2008Braunschweig
61Kuang Wu Lee Collisionless Transport of Energetic Electrons in the Solar Corona 24 June 2008National Central University, Taiwan
62Lotfi Yelles Chaouche Observational diagnostics of 3D radiation-MHD simulations of solar and stellar atmospheres 8 July 2008Göttingen
63Richard Moissl Morphology and dynamics of the Venus atmosphere at the cloud top level as observed by the Venus Monitoring Camera 9 July 2008Braunschweig
64Cecilia Tubiana Characterization of physical parameters of the ROSETTA target comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko 30 Oct 2008Braunschweig
65Cornelia Martinecz The Venus plasma environment: a comparison of Venus Express ASPERA-4 measurements with 3D hybrid simulations 26 Nov 2008Braunschweig
66Sebastian Schäfer Spatial and temporal structure of Alfven resonator waves at the terrestrial plasmapause 11 Dec 2008Braunschweig
67Alexander Bößwetter Wechselwirkung des Mars mit dem Sonnenwind: Hybrid-Simulationen mit besonderem Bezug zur Wasserbilanz 11 Dec 2008Braunschweig
68Peng Ruan Magnetic field extrapolation in the solar corona and observations of a flux rope in the solar wind 13 Feb 2009Göttingen
69Sofiane Bourouaine Kinetic modeling of coronal loops and wave-particle interactions 13 Feb 2009Göttingen
70Silvia Protopapa Surface characterization of Pluto, Charon and (47171) 1999 TC36 19 Feb 2009Braunschweig
71Esa Vilenius On the analysis of near-infrared point spectrometer data for the inverstiagion of lunar surface mineralogy 19 Feb 2009Göttingen
72Li Feng Stereoscopic reconstructions of coronal loops and polar plumes 12 Mar 2009Göttingen
73Manuela Wiese Lunar mineralogy with SIR-1 and Clementine UVVIS/NIR 30 Apr 2009Göttingen
74Aline de Lucas Multi-spacecraft study of spatial shock front extent in the inner heliosphere 15 May 2009INPE, Brazil
75Shangbin Yang Magnetic helicity research of emerging active regions 31 May 2009CAS, Beijing
76Philippe Kobel Center-to-limb investigations of solar photospheric magnetic features at high spatial resolution 2 Jun 2009Göttingen
77Sanja Danilovic Magnetic fine structure in the solar photosphere: observations and MHD simulations 4 Jun 2009Göttingen
78Michal Drahus Microwave observations and modeling of the molecular coma in comets 23 Jun 2009Göttingen
79Christian Koch Extraction of Mercury's tidal sigal and libration amplitude from synthetic laser altimeter data sets 25 Jun 2009Hannover
80Sofie Spjuth Disk-resolved photometry of small bodies 9 Jul 2009Braunschweig
81Gero Kleindienst Untersuchung von quasiperiodischer ULF-Wellenaktivität in der Saturnmagnetosphäre 29 Oct 2009Braunschweig
82Jean-Baptiste Vincent From observations and measurements to realistic modeling of cometary nuclei 26 Jan 2010Braunschweig
83Julia Thalmann Evolution of coronal magnetic fields 11 Feb 2010Braunschweig
84Erik Johansson Hybrid simulations of the stellar wind interaction with close-in extrasolar planets 8 Apr 2010Braunschweig
85Hui Tian New views on the emission and structure of the solar transition region 11 June 2010Peking University, Beijing
86Arianna Piccialli Cyclostrophic wind in the mesosphere of Venus from Venus Express observations 16 June 2010Braunschweig
87Manuela Lippi The composition of cometary ices as inferred from measured production rates of volatiles 21 June 2010Braunschweig
88Xianyi Li Development of RAC devices fabricated using e-beam lithography for Chirp Transform Spectrometers 26 July 2010Freiburg
89Setareh Javadi Dogaheh Numerical simulation of the heating of X-ray Bright Points in the solar corona 23 Sep 2010Göttingen
90Yana Maneva Generation and dissipation of Alfven-cyclotron turbulence in the solar corona and solar wind and related ion differential heating and acceleration 24 Sep 2010Göttingen
91Danica Tothova Multi-wavelength observations of coronal waves and oscillations in association with solar eruptions 4 Oct 2010Göttingen
92Thorsten Stahn Analysis of time series of solar-like oscillations - Applications to the Sun and HD52265 5 Oct 2010Göttingen
93Kristofer Hallgren Mesospheric water vapor - Variability at different time-scales observed by ground-based microwave spectroscopy 19 Nov 2010Rostock
94Nilda Oklay Spectropolarimetric investigations of the deep photospheric layers of solar magnetic structures 6 Jan 2011Göttingen
95Mohamed Ramy El Maarry Searching for hydrothermal systems on Mars using remote sensing 18 Jan 2011Göttingen
96Anna Müller Energetic particle injection events in the Kronian magnetosphere: applications and properties 31 Jan 2011Köln
97Tilaye Tadesse Asfaw Nonlinear force-free reconstruction of the coronal magnetic field with advanced numerical methods 1 Mar 2011Braunschweig
98Jingnan Guo Particle acceleration in the solar corona: simulation and observation 16 Mar 2011CAS, Nanjing
99Anne Angsmann Magnetic states of the ionosphere of Venus observed by Venus Express 31 Mar 2011Braunschweig
100Ferdinand Plaschke Stehende Kruskal-Schwarzschild-Moden an der Magnetopause 27 Apr 2011Braunschweig
101Lars Guicking Niederfrequente Magnetfeldfluktuationen in der Plasmaumgebung der Venus 3 May 2011Braunschweig
102Shuo Yao Observational Studies on Multi-scale Structures and Waves in the Solar Wind 7 June 2011Peking University, Beijing
103Vedat Tanriverdi Numerical simulations of the gravitational geodynamo and its time spectrum 28 June 2011Göttingen
104Maria Dasi Espuig Solar variability: A new proxy and models of solar irradiance variations 26 Sep 2011Braunschweig
105Ronny Lutz The search for substellar companions in subdwarf B stars in connection with evolutionary aspects 27 Sep 2011Göttingen
106Judith de Patoul Stereoscopy and tomography of coronal structures 21 Oct 2011Braunschweig
107Joachim Müller A.I.K.E.F.: An Adaptive Hybrid Model with Application to Fossil Fields at Titan and Mercury's Double Magnetopause 24 Nov 2011Braunschweig
108Mingyuan Wang Investigation of Martian Ionosphere based on Radio Science Dec 2011Shanghai
109Daniel Verscharen On convected wave structures and spectral transfer in space plasmas - applications to solar corona and solar wind 11 Jan 2012Braunschweig
110Peter Kollmann Sources, sinks and transport of energetic particles within Saturn's magnetosphere 26 Mar 2012Braunschweig
111Yeon Joo Lee Venus cloud structure and radiative energy balance of the mesosphere 12 Apr 2012Braunschweig
112Megha Uprendra Bhatt Mineralogical analysis and iron abundance estimation of the Moon using the SIR-2 and other VIS-NIR spectrometers on-board the lunar orbiter Chandrayaan-1 8 May 2012Clausthal
113Wieland Dietrich The hemispherical magnetic field of ancient Mars: Numerical simulations and geophysical constraints 7 Nov 2012Göttingen
114Eugene Shalygin Study of the Venus surface and lower atmosphere using VMC images 23 Apr 2013Braunschweig
115Neda Dadashi Diagnostic of the solar transition region and corona from VUV spectroscopy and imaging 3 May 2013Braunschweig
116Tino Riethmüller Investigations of small-scale magnetic features on the solar surface 3 May 2013Braunschweig
117Juan José Piqueras Meseguer Design and optimization of a space camera with application to the PHI solar magnetograph 3 May 2013Braunschweig
118Kun Li Study on magnetospheric cold ion outflow 10 May 2013CAS, Beijing
119Lihui Chai Low-frequency Waves in Magnetic Reconnection and Solitary Kinetic Alfven Waves in Adiabatic Process 15 May 2013Hefei, China
120Bastian Gundlach Surface properties of small solar system bodies 29 May 2013Braunschweig
121Konstantin Finke Kinematic dynamo onset and magnetic field saturation in rotating spherical Couette and periodic box simulations 19 June 2013Göttingen
122Shahin Jafarzadeh Dynamics of magnetic bright points in the lower solar atmosphere 3 July 2013Göttingen
123Juan Andres Sanchez Temperature-induced effects and phase reddening on near-Earth asteroids 4 July 2013Münster
124Tijmen van Wettum Comparison of 3D coronal models to solar VUV observations 26 September 2013Göttingen
125Philippe-Andre Bourdin Coronal structure and evolution in 3D numerical experiments 26 September 2013Göttingen
126Daniel Heyner Mercury's feedback dynamo 16 October 2013Braunschweig
127David Bühler Analysis of small scale magnetic fields using Hinode SOT/SP 7 November 2013Göttingen
128Maria Andriopoulou Energetic charged particle kinematics in Saturn's inner magnetosphere 15 January 2014Braunschweig
129Lucia Duarte Jupiter dynamo 7 February 2014Braunschweig
130Benjamin Beeck Simulations of magnetoconvection in cool stars 14 February 2014Göttingen
131Jisesh Sethunadh Three-dimensional modeling of the stratospheres of gas giants 17 February 2014Berlin
132Jayant Joshi Magnetic and velocity field of sunspots in photosphere and upper chromosphere 6 March 2014Braunschweig
133Hendrik Kriegel The plasma environments of Saturn's moons Enceladus and Rhea: Modeling of Cassini magnetic field data 6 March 2014Braunschweig
134Stefan Wiehle 15 April 2014Braunschweig
135Julie Brisset A Microgravity Sounding-Rocket Experiment on Protoplanetary Dust Aggregation 5 May 2014Braunschweig
136Kok Leng Yeo Analysis and modeling of solar irradiance variations 11 July 2014Braunschweig
137Yoann Vernisse Classification of the interactions of planetary bodies with stellar winds by hybrid simulation 14 July 2014Braunschweig
138Chaitanya Giri La composition organique d'un noyau cométaire, l'instrument COSAC sur la sonde philae / Die organische Zusammensetzung des Kometenkerns, das COSAC-Experiment auf Philae 19 September 2014Nice
139Marc Hofmann Dynamics of Granular Material on Small Bodies 29 September 2014Braunschweig
140Domenico Meduri Statistical study of magnetic field reversals in geodynamo models and paleomagnetic data 29 October 2014Göttingen
141Raphael Attie The relationship between supergranulation flows, magnetic field evolution and network flares 8 January 2015Braunschweig
142Farhad Shakeri Cycle-related solar VUV variability 20 January 2015Göttingen
143Rakesh Yadav Effect of Density Stratification on Dynamos in Gas Planets and Low-Mass Stars 23 January 2015Göttingen