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Planetary Plasmas Group

Planetary Plasmas Group Logo Research in planetary plasmas studies particles and magnetic fields in the environment of the planets. This includes all physical processes between planetary atmospheres and interplanetary space.

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Science objectives

Specific areas of research are:

  • Planetary Magnetospheres:
    We use in-situ observations of particles and fields to study the interaction of the solar wind with planetary magnetic fields and ionospheres.
  • Planetary Plasma and Neutral Gas Environments:
    We use remote sensing techniques to study plasma production and neutral gas escape at the top of planetary atmospheres.
  • Interactions of Plasmas with Atmospheres and Surfaces of Planets and Satellites:
    A combination of in-situ and remote observation allows determination of the rate of charge exchange of planetary atmospheres and the solar wind.
  • Neutral Particle Imaging:
    A technique to determine neutral particle streams around planets on a global scale.
  • Hybrid Simulations:
    Hybrid simulations allow simulation of the motion of individual particles in a magnetohydrodynamic fluid.

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