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Solar Corona in 3D
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Solar Corona in 3D

Plasma physics of the solar corona and solar wind

Solar plasma The magnetic field couples the solar interior with the photosphere and corona where it drives heating processes and eruptive phenomena like flares and coronal mass ejections. We developed sophisticated computer-codes to model the coronal magnetic field and plasma by nonlinear and self-consistent extrapolation techniques, stereoscopy and tomography.

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> The Team
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Science Objectives

  • Nonlinear force-free coronal magnetic field extrapolations
  • Magnetic connectivity between photosphere, chromosphere and corona
  • Coronal heating
  • Monitoring of free magnetic energy to predict flares and CMEs
  • Stereoscopy of active region loops, polar plumes and CMEs
  • Coronal tomography and vector tomography
  • Feature recognition techniques
  • Selfconsistent stationary MHD-equilibria
  • Current sheet formation and magnetic reconnection

The Team

Senior Scientists
Thomas Wiegelmann (Group Speaker)
Bernd Inhester
Post docs
Julia Thalmann
Tilaye Tadesse
PhD Students
Judith de Patoul
Iulia Chifu
IT specialist
Borut Podlipnik
Guest scientists
Narges Fathalian
T. Neukirch
D. Nickeler
Nandita Srivastava
Former group members
Maxim Kramar
Peng Ruan
Li Feng

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