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Solar Plasma
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Solar Wind Particles and Fields (SWPF)

Kinetic plasma physics of the solar wind

Solar plasma The group is mainly engaged in theory and modelling of the solar corona and solar wind, with emphasis on plasma kinetics and magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) turbulence. Our solar research aims at understanding basic plasma processes at all scales in the solar corona, especially in the transition region, and addresses the fundamental problem of coronal heating by plasma waves and small-scale magnetic activity. Our solar wind research focuses on MHD turbulence and wave-particle interactions, and we study solar wind acceleration by means of collisionless multi-fluid and kinetic theory.

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> The Team
> Comparison with experimental data
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Science Objectives

Solar plasma The principle aim of the group's research activities is to understand the basic plasma processes occurring in the tenuous solar corona and collisionless solar wind from the fluid perspective and kinetic point of view. The research fields include

  • solar plasma diagnosis by ultraviolet spectroscopy
  • coronal heating and solar wind acceleration
  • solar wind sources in the magnetized solar atmosphere
  • wave-particle interactions in space plasmas
  • transport processes in collisionless plasma
  • magnetohydrodynamic turbulence in the heliosphere

Our work is closely connected to in-situ plasma measurements and solar remote-sensing observations, and in particular related to the plasma experiment on Helios, the SUMER spectrometer on SOHO, and the future EUI, SPICE, MAG and SWA instruments on Solar Orbiter.

The Team

Eckart Marsch
Helga Washausen
PhD Students
D. Perrone
D. Verscharen
S. Bourouaine
Former PhD students   
H. Astudillo
J. Guo
R. Hernandez
M. Heuer
S. Liu
Y. Maneva
R. Mecheri
H. Peter
P. Ruan
J. Schmidt
H. Tian
C. Vocks
L.-D. Xia
S. Yao
Guest scientists and collaborators
J. Araneda
M. Barta
J.-S. He
G. Mann
O. Maj
H. Smith
C.-Y. Tu
C. Vocks
L.-D. Xia

Comparison with experimental data

The theoretical work is closely linked with solar and heliospheric observations from different space missions, for example >Helios, >SOHO, >Solar Orbiter. Relevant information and publications by group members can be found on the hompages of these missions.

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