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Max Planck Institute for Solar System Resarch, Katlenburg - Lindau

Managing Director

Prof. Dr. Ulrich R. Christensen

Scientific Members of the MP Society, Directors

> Prof. Dr. Ulrich R. Christensen
> Prof. Dr. Sami K. Solanki
> Prof. Dr. Laurent Gizon

Prof. Sir Ian Axford (retired, died on March 13, 2010)
Prof. Dr. Tor Hagfors (retired, died on January 17, 2007)
Dr. Helmut Rosenbauer (retired)
Prof. Dr. Vytenis M. Vasyliunas (retired)

Press and Public Relations

Dr. Norbert Krupp
Dr. Birgit Krummheuer

Head of Administration

Andreas Poprawa


Organisation of the Institute The scientific work at the Max Planck Institute for Solar System Resarch is organized into project groups. These are established as needed for carrying out a research untertaking and are then disbanded on completion of their tasks. This procedure has proven itself over many years. It takes into account the diversity of the staff members and encourages flexibility and efficiency in the Institute. There are in all 87 scientific staff members at the Institute as well as 13 visiting scientists and 38 graduate students. Including Central Services 260 staff members are working at the institut (01.04.2008).

Central Services

Division  Department  Employees  Trainees 
Central Services Direct  7
Electronics laboratory 28 6
Computer center 10 1
Mechanics Construction / Design 5
Workshop 5 12
Administration General Administration  12 2
Domestic Services 9 1
Secretaries 12
Library 1
Cantine 4

Special measuring and test equipment

Balloon probes for trace gas measurements, various atmospheric and ionospheric radars, multibeam riometer, all-sky camera, Fabry-Perot interferometer, coronographs, detectors on board satellites and spacecraft (see textLinkIntern Research Areas and Fields of Activity ).
clean rooms, particle accelerator for calibration purposes, high vacuum systems, climate chambers, gas chromatographs, vibration tester, CNC machines, electroplating, computer network.
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