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Launch dates:

The 4 Cluster spacecraft were launched in two sets of two from the Russian Cosmodrome in Baikonur.
  • First set: successfully launched July 16, 2000, 14:39 CEST (12:39 UTC)

  • The RAPID technical manager Wolfgang Güttler attended this launch in Baikonur for the Institute.

    See the >ESA report on the launch.


    • July 17: First Cluster apogee burn completed. > Report
    • July 18: Second apogee raising manoeuvre completed. > Report
    • July 19: Three of four major engine burns completed. > Report
    • July 21: Cluster 2 and 3 (aka FM6 and FM 7 or Samba and Salsa) are in final elliptical orbit.
      > Report
  • Second set: successfully launched August 9, 2000, 13:13 CEST (11:13 UTC)

  • Institute representation in Baikonur was the RAPID Co-PI, Patrick Daly.

    See the > ESA report on the launch.

    • August 9: Spacecraft separation recorded with on-board camera. > Report
      See > GIF Film of separation.
    • August 11: Spacecraft 1 and 4 ("Rumba" and "Tango") being prepared for injection into final orbit. > Report
    • August 14: Status reports from ESOC. > Report
    • August 14: The Cluster Quartet are together. > Report
    • August 21: Preparing for Commissioning. > Report


    The picture below links to a film (MPG) describing the Cluster spacecraft, construction, transport to Baikonur, with an animated launch.
    Size of this file is 22MB.

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