Martian Atmosphere Observation And Modeling

Within the frame of the project MAOAM (Martian Atmosphere Observation And Modeling), a general circulation and climate model of the Martian atmosphere will be developed. The project started in April 2002. Up to now, results are obtained for a dustless, pure carbon dioxide atmosphere.

The recent model is valid for altitudes between the surface of the planet and the lower thermosphere at about 135 km. Much attention is paid to the parametrization of the energy balance at the surface and to the atmospheric radiation in the infrared and solar spectra. Between altitudes of 10 km and 120 km, Rayleigh friction and vertical eddy diffusion, caused by internal gravity waves, are considered. At altitudes above 100 km, molecular heat conduction and dynamic viscosity are also taken into account. Thus, in the present state, the model is able to simulate reasonable climatology patterns of winds and temperature fields of different Martian seasons. Using the model, a prediction of the diurnal variations of the surface temperature is possible. First numerical results of the model for the altitudinal and latitudinal dependences of the temperature and the zonal and meridional wind velocities in the Martian atmosphere for summer in the northern hemisphere are obtained and discussed.

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