Werner Curdt's Recent Publications:   (last updates of  16 Jan 2012 in red)


He-like ions, Phys. Rev. A 62, 022502 (2000): [pdf]

flare lines, ApJ 544, 508 (2000): [html]

Spectral atlas of solar-disk features, A&A 375, 591 (2001), updated version of 15 Jun 2004: [PDF]; radiances in mW sr-1 m-2 Ǻ-1 as IDL restore file:[XDR]

Spectral atlas of solar coronal features, A&A 427, 1045 (2004); paper:[pdf]; variables in IDL format:[XDR]; spectra of coronal features (3 MB): [pdf]

Doppler Oscillations of Active Region Loops: Steps towards Coronal Seismology, HOB 27, 83 (2003): [pdf]

Solar Observations from Space and from the Ground, Astronomische Nachrichten 324, 334 (2003): [pdf]

In-Situ Heating in Active Region Loops, HOB 29, 157 (2005):[pdf]

Evidence for In-Situ Heating in Active Region loops, proc. SOHO 16 , ESA SP-592, 475 (2005): [pdf]

The Transition Region Above Sunspots, ESA SP-617, 56 (2006):[pdf]

Log-normal intensity distribution of the quiet-Sun FUV continuum observed by SUMER, A&A 468, 695 (2007):[pdf]

Jets or High-Velocity Flows Revealed in High-Cadence Spectrometer and Imager Co-observations?, ApJ 670, L57 (2007):[pdf]

Multi-spacecraft observations of polar coronal plumes, A&A 481, L61 (2008):[pdf]

Cool and Hot Components of a Coronal Bright Point, ApJ 681, L121 (2008):[pdf]

SUMER observations of the inverse Evershed effect in the transition region above a sunspot, A&A 491, L5 (2008):[pdf]

Plasma Flows Guided by Strong Magnetic Fields in the Solar Corona, ApJ 685, 1262 (2008):[pdf]

The redshifted footpoints of coronal loops, Annales Geophys. 26, 2955 (2008):[pdf]

The redshifted network contrast in TR emission, A&A 491, L13 (2008):[pdf]

The Lyman-alpha profile and center-to-limb variation of the quiet Sun. A&A 492, L9 (2008):[pdf]

Spectroscopic Diagnostics of Polar Coronal Plumes,  in proc. "Magnetic Coupling between the Interior and the Atmosphere of the Sun", eds. Hasan & Rutten (2009):[pdf]

Physical Properties of Cooling Plasma in Quiescent Active Region Loops, ApJ 695, 221 (2009):[pdf]

Distribution of jets and magnetic fields in a coronal hole, A&A 502, 345 (2009):[pdf]

Hydrogen Lyman-α and Lyman-β spectral radiance profiles in the quiet Sun, A&A 504, 239 (2009):[pdf]

Solar transition region above sunspots, A&A 505, 307 (2009):[pdf]

Hydrogen Ly-α and Ly-β Radiances and Profiles in Polar Coronal Holes, ApJ 703, 152 (2009):[pdf]

Upflows in Funnel-like Legs of Coronal Magnetic Loops, ApJ 704, 883 (2009):[pdf]

Semiempirical Models of the Solar Atmosphere. III. Set of Non-LTE Models for FUV Irradiance Computation, ApJ 707, 482 (2009):[pdf]

New views on the emission and structure of the solar transition region, NewAR 54, 13 (2010):[pdf]

Observations of a rotating macrospicule associated with an X-ray jet, A&A 510, L1 (2010):[pdf]

The SUMER Ly-α line profile in quiescent prominences, A&A 511, L4 (2010): [pdf]

H I Lyman Emission through the Solar Cycle, in proc."SOHO-23: Understanding a Peculiar Solar Minimum", eds. Cranmer, Hoeksema, & Kohl, ASPC 428, 81 (2010): [pdf]

Magnetic and spectroscopic properties of supergranular-scale coronal jets and erupting loops in a polar coronal hole, A&A 519, 49 (2010):[pdf]

The coronal convection, CEAB 35, 187 (2011):[pdf]

Spectroscopic evidence for helicity in explosive events, A&A 532, 9 (2011):[pdf]

Explosive events - swirling transition region jets, Solar Physics (2012, in press):[pdf]


selected papers based on JOP 104 observations:  JOP 104 is a program (initiated by Davina Innes) to observe soft X-ray flows off-disk