Welcome to TRIPP

For a quick glance on what has changed since you last visited, please find below a What's new section.

If you're trying to figure out what TRIPP is all about, the About TRIPP & more section will not only tell you that is it a aperture photometry program written in the IDL language. That section will also give you a few technical details in addition to the conditions and requirements for its use, tell you who wrote and maintains TRIPP and what additional resources are available. Please also make sure to read the disclaimer contained in that section which is valid for the whole project.

For the users of TRIPP, we provide a User's Manual which is notoriously incompelete but, in our opinion, is still better than nothing ... Despite this warning, this section is the heart of the whole web project. Its chapters may be more easily browsed with the help of the navigation bar to the left. First-time users should definitely begin by reading the General remarks!

Finally, even though they are intended as no more than a scratch pad for programmers, the Developer's pages may, despite their distinct messiness, also be of occasional use for the user. On the one hand this is because the differentiation between user and developper is not very clear anyways; on the other hand this is because a user may be affected by the latest changes made to the programs. Hopefully however, the announcements in the "What's new" list below will suffice. So far, besides the "Recent changes", one will find ideas on what there is "To do" (check what's already on the list before sending in wishes), a calling scheme, which, for the curious, roughly sketches the inter-dependence of the individual routines, and very basic hints on working under CVS.

What's new:

  • [2008, January] Working error calculation in tripp_write_error, image logfile GUI update, new sinfit GUI introduced, FITS keywords for new cameras in Tübingen and Göttingen adjusted (including calibration)
  • [2005, November] Major update now submitted to the Tübingen repository; not all new features fully functional yet but the usual functions should be stable within the new framework now. However, the logfile format has changed! Older logiles will not work with the new version! In this context, be aware that the dark correction in particular does not work properly at this point, and not for arbitrary instruments anyways - it SHOULD NOT BE USED.

    The websites are not fully up-to-date with respect to many new procedures yet (in particular the developers' pages).

  • [2005, July] Lots of development going on on our private copy of TRIPP in Göttingen (people on the team have moved - and recruited new developers), but no major update of the version available from this web page so far. Expect everything to move at some point in the (hopefully) not so distant future.
  • [2003, September] Changes to the functionality of TRIPP (EG) include: positional reference source does not need to be identical to the object of interest any more; correlation process presumably improved and sped up by sliding window approach.
  • [2001, November] The About TRIPP & more page has been somewhat cleaned up. It now also offers download of the source code.
  • [2001, October] New tripp_zero and tripp_flat by Eckart Göhler: do all interactions first (with improved graphical representation), then do median calculation for all subframe sets. Interactions include a whole set of new possiblities now (menue controlled). Newly added routines for this purpose: tripp_process_image, tripp_cheese_flat.
  • [2001, August] As both the community of users and of developers keeps growing, there may be a need for a somewhat better structured webpage. You are currently looking at the new home page. If you are unhappy with it (as I myself actually am) - help in any form (from simple comments to whole updated pages ...) will always be appreciated !!!
  • [2001, July] The new WWW interface for the IAAT CVS Repositories (for local users only) provides easy access to the revision history of files, including TRIPP. The respective links are incorporated into the calling scheme on the developer's pages.
  • [2001, May] Besides other changes to the whole package, tripp_monitor now offers a /quicklook option through the introduction of the /recycle keyword in tripp_reduction and tripp_extract_flux. This affects many areas and is sometimes still rather shaky! If you find that your normal working with TRIPP is affected by this, please report the bug!
  • [2001, March] J. Wilms incorporates the TRIPP routines into the "pro2html"-based Web documentation of IDL libraries. The individual entries in the aitlib documentation can alternatively be reached through the User's Manual by clicking on the routines' name as a header. Individual routines may be downloaded by external users (note, however, that a similar release of the CCD package - on which TRIPP depends - is not ensured yet!).
  • [2001, February] TRIPP is commited into the aitlib with the help of M. Kuster; its development is being monitored by CVS since. This also implies that the package is now globally available to all users within the AIT.
  • [2001, January] A TRIPP users manual is converted into html and extended.
  • [1999-2001] TRIPP grows a lot (look at the complete list of people who have contributed).
  • [1999, May] First TRIPP routines, based on the CCD package, are being written by J.L Deetjen (and T. Rauch).
  • [1996-1998] R.D. Geckeler creates the CCD package.