solar and stellar interiors group
Joining the

Working & Living

This webpage is designed to contain everything we would tell you verbally about joining the Solar and Stellar Interiors group.

It should get you started finding somewhere to live, buying a car, getting a bank account, working on the computers, finding your office, and publishing papers. The focus is on living in Goettingen and getting set up at the MPS. However, there is enough to get you started working at the University.

Your first task

It would be nice if you could send
i)  your photo
ii) a short CV
iii) your project name

to _UniGruppe and _Dritte Abteilung to introduce yourself. See the People webpage for an example. Please include the email address you would like to use for Google Docs and ask to be invited to join ‘Seismo Group Organisation’.

Your advice for improving this page is welcome! email me

Welcome to our group. This is a collection of advice & information gathered by experience from all of us that have moved here and will hopefully help you.