30 June - 2 July, 2008

4. Europlanet N2-N7 Meeting

University of Aberystwyth
Aberystwyth, Wales
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Europlanet is a EC funded project to strengthen the european community of planetary sciences. The project is funded until the end of 2009 and included 60 institutes in 17 countries all over Europe. One of the key activities of Europlanet, coordinated by MPS, is the identification and the collaboration among all the experts in Europe.

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PDF Agenda & Participants

PDF New-SC-numbering+contacts.pdf

PDF Andre_Aberystwyth2008_Article_MAPS_SOI.pdf
PDF Dutuit_Aberystwyth2008_TitanChem.pdf
PDF Grasset_Aberystwyth2008_ISSI2-status.pdf
PDF Jacquey_Aberystwyth2008_CDPP.pdf
PDF Jaumann_Aberystwyth2008_SIN.pdf
PDF Kallio_Aberystwyth2008_DWG1.pdf
PDF Krupp_Aberystwyth2008_addon_SC3.1.pdf
PDF Lammer_Aberystwyth2008_exoplanets-extreme-condition-modelling.pdf
PDF Lammer_Aberystwyth2008_exospheres-coronae_hot-particle-models.pdf
PDF Pallier_Aberystwyth2008_InventoryStatus.pdf
PDF Sarkissian_Aberystwyth2008_PAN.pdf
PDF Schmidt_Aberystwyth2008_Technical-node-status.pdf
PDF Schmidt_Aberystwyth2008_User-Requirements-Presentation.pdf
PDF Topf_Aberystwyth2008_PlasmaNode.pdf
PDF Turrini_Aberystwyth2008_IDIS-SBDN-PDR.pdf