[SUMER Emblem] Catalogue of SUMER Scans

Atlas Vol. I
Jan.96 Feb.96 Mar.96 Apr.96 May.96 Jun.96
Jul.96 Aug.96 Sep.96 Oct.96 Nov.96 Dec.96

Jan.97 Feb.97 Mar.97 Apr.97 May.97 Jun.97
Jul.97 Aug.97 Sep.97 Oct.97 Nov.97 Dec.97

Jan.98 Feb.98 Mar.98 Apr.98 May.98 Jun.98
Jul.98 Aug.98 Sep.98 Oct.98 Nov.98 Dec.98

Jan.99 Feb.99 Mar.99 Apr.99 May.99 Jun.99
Jul.99 Aug.99 Sep.99 Oct.99 Nov.99 Dec.99

Jan.00 Feb.00 Mar.00 Apr.00 May.00 Jun.00
[under construction] This is the start page for a collection of SUMER scans that will eventually form the basis of the SUMER Atlas book project. The collection is seperated into months. Scans were performed between January and October 1996, and between February and November 1999. Scans by solar rotation (performed in "sit-and-stare" mode) may be included later.

The scan collection is automatically produced using the SUMER image database in Lindau, i.e. the contents of the SUMER image headers. This approach is still new and not fully debugged. Sets of image data are considered "scans" if they have (a) a field-of-view larger or equal to 50 arcsec, (b) an absolute raster step size larger than 0 arcsec, (c) an abolute raster step size less or equal 9 arcsec (but probably only step sizes below 4.5 arcsec will be considered in the end).

Each list entry consists of one scan (or several repetitions of one scan) in one spectral window and can contain several lines (ions) and/or continuum. If scan images have been processed they appear as links to .GIF files at the right end of the entry. (Oversized images covering a whole solar diameter are split in their east and west half.) In this way, the collection will slowly grow towards completion in the future.

The list entries contain the following information:

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