SUMER study #2216: Quiescent prominence - Results IV

Line widths vs. "hot/main/cool" regions

Some significant line widths were transformed from FWHM (in Å) into turbulent velocities (in km/s) by
delta_v = c * delta_lambda_Doppler / lambda_0
This was done separately for the selected regions "hot", "main", and "cool". Obviously, the Lyman lines do not behave like the rest of the lines, which slowly rise from 20-30 km/s to 40-50 km/s, while the line formation temperatures rise from 10 000 K to 1 000 000 K. So the Lyman lines were excluded from the polynomial fits and the averages per day and per region. As can be seen in the images below, there is a tendency that

IED, 29.May.02