Solar System Seminar

The S3 takes place every second Wednesday afternoon from 13:00 to 16:30. It consists of up to three talks by students on their PhD projects (each 20 min talk plus 10 min discussion), an extended coffee break for further discussion and a tutorial talk (60 min).

Feedback on S3 talks (PDF form)

05 February 2014
22 January 2014
18 December 2013 (extra date)
11 December 2013
20 November 2013 (extra date/instead of 27 November)
13 November 2013
30 October 2013
16 October 2013
10 July 2013 Chaitanya Giri Strategies for detecting complex organics on comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko with COSAC
Guneshwar Thangjam Potential olivine or High-Ca Pyroxene rich exposures on Vesta using Dawn FC
Julie Brisset SPACE on REXUS: Dust Aggregation on a Suborbital Rocket
26 June 2013 Philippe Bourdin Observation vs. Model vs. Theory - Solar corona above an active region
Shahin Jafarzadeh Dynamics of magnetic bright points in the lower solar atmosphere
12 June 2013 Domenico Meduri Reversals in geodynamo models and paleomagnetic data: a statistical analysis
Nafiseh Masoumzadeh Photometric Analysis of Small Bodies
Tue 28 May 2013 David Bühler Properties of solar plage from a spatially coupled inversion
Jisesh Sethunadh Three-dimensional modeling of the stratospheres of gas giants
27 Feb 2013 Tijmen van Wettum Parametrized study of coronal heating
Anuradha Kar Analysis of Ca II K spectroheliograms for solar irradiance studies
Feng Chen A coupled model for the formation of an active region corona
20 Feb 2013 Christoph Koenders Revisiting cometary bow shock positions
Rakesh Yadav Bridging planets and stars in dynamo models: Preliminary results and future plans
Farhad Shakeri The cycle-related solar VUV variability
30 Jan 2013 Jayant Joshi 3D Structure of Sunspot: From Photosphere to Chromosphere
Bastian Gundlach Surface Processes of Small Solar System Bodies
16 Jan 2013 Maria Andriopoulou Using energetic electron microsignatures as tracers of electric fields in Saturn's magnetosphere
Anna Kotova Modeling of the energetic ion observations in the vicinity of Rhea
Stephan Barra Coronal active region modeling based on SDO data
19 Dec 2012 Kok Leng Yeo Sources of variation in solar irradiance
Konstantin Finke Dynamo mechanism of the turbulent spherical Couette flow
Lucia Duarte Anelastic dynamo models with variable electrical conductivity: an application to gas giants
5 Dec 2012 Yoann Vernisse Stellar winds and planetary bodies simulation: transition by magnetic dipole variation
Stefan Wiehle Hybrid simulations of Venus' dynamic plasma environment
Patricio Munoz Theory and numerical simulations of current sheet instabilities in the solar corona
21 Nov 2012 Kun Li The fate of cold ion outflow from polar ionosphere
Guneshwar Thangjam Lithological variation and mapping of Vesta
Sebastian Höfner Thermal modeling of active regions of cometary nuclei
7 Nov 2012 Emanuele Papini Propagating linear waves in a convectively unstable solar model: a perturbative approach
Björn Löptien Synthetic helioseismic data for Solar Orbiter
Jan Langfellner Probing vortical motions with helioseismology
18 July 2012 Marc Hofmann Granular flow in low gravity: Experiment
Jinhua Shen Hard X-ray observation and extrapolation of coronal magnetic field
Iulia Chifu 3D reconstruction of solar coronal features
4 July 2012 Daniel Heisselmann An experimental view on ice-particle collisions in Saturn's rings
Eugene Shalygin Study of the Venus surface using Venus Monitoring Camera images
Tue 5 June 2012 Juanjo Piqueras Assessing effects of space radiation on the image sensor for SO/PHI
Jisesh Sethunadh General circulation modeling of stratospheres of cold and warm Jupiters
Antoine Genetelli Multi wavelength analysis of emerging flux using SDO
23 May 2012 Nafiseh Masoumzadeh Surface structure analysis of small bodies on the different scales
Chaitanya Giri Carbon, Comets and COSAC
Kun Li The source region of the cold ion outflowing from the Earth's ionosphere
9 May 2012 Wieland Dietrich Can the heterogeneous magnetization of the Martian crust originate from an ancient hemispherical dynamo?
Hendrik Kriegel Hybrid simulations of Saturn's moons Enceladus and Rhea compared with Cassini magnetometer data
Benjamin Beeck Magnetoconvection in cool stars - 3D simulations and spectral line synthesis
Jürgen Blum
Building planets in the lab
25 Apr 2012 Tijmen van Wettum Different heating mechanisms for the solar corona
Dennis Röhrbein Analysis of 3D-MHD simulations of solar-magneto convection
14 Mar 2012 Navdeep Panesar A polar crown prominence observed by SDO and STEREO
Juan Sanchez Phase reddening on near-Earth-asteroids: Implications for mineralogical analysis, taxonomic classification and space weathering
29 Feb 2012 Shahin Jafarzadeh Structure and dynamics of isolated internetwork bright points in the lower solar atmosphere observed by SUNRISE
David Bühler Does the quiet Sun magnetic flux vary with time?
Lucia Duarte Towards more realistic dynamo models of the gas giants
15 Feb 2012 Neda Dadashi The average Doppler shift of transition region and coronal lines
Farhad Shakeri Cycle-related solar EUV variability
Christoph Koenders The massloading process and the cometary bow shock position
1 Feb 2012 Megha Bhatt Iron abundance estimations using the SIR-2 and other VIS-NIR spectrometers on-board Chandrayaan-1
Jayant Joshi Spectroscopy of Sunspot Penumbra in C I 5380.3 A
Karsten Schindler Detector Characterization Activities and Studies for Future VIS-NIR Spectrometers
18 Jan 2012 Yeon Joo Lee Venus cloud structure and radiative energy balance in mesosphere
Yoann Vernisse Classification of the interaction of planetary bodies with stellar winds by hybrid simulation
Stefan Wiehle Hybrid simulations of Venus ionospheric magnetization states
Ilya Usoskin
Cosmic rays in the Earth's atmosphere
14 Dec 2011 Marc Hofmann Shape modeling of small bodies and implications to granular flow on the surface of asteroid (21) Lutetia
Domenico Meduri Statistical Analysis of Reversals: Geomagnetic Field and Dynamo Models
7 Dec 2011 Maria Andriopoulou Energetic-particle kinematics in Saturn's inner magnetosphere
Kok Leng Yeo Modelling Solar Irradiance
Julie Brisset Suborbital Particle Aggregation and Collision Experiment (SPACE): Preparing for the flight on REXUS
23 Nov 2011 Armando Gonzalez The origin of water in Jupiter stratosphere. Part III: Results
Chemeda Tadese Ejeta Polarimetric characterisation of Saturn's moon Iapetus
Philippe Bourdin A solar corona model driven by photospheric observations of an active region
Mark Cheung
(Palo Alto)
Simulation of active region formation
9 Nov 2011 Konstantin Finke Simulations of the kinematic dynamo onset of spherical Couette flows
Bastian Gundlach Heat conductivity of porous dust layers
26 Oct 2011 Daniel Verscharen Parametric decay and kinetic cascade - spectral transfer in space plasmas
13 July 2011 Daniel Heyner The feedback dynamo
Daniel Heißelmann An experimental view on the collisional properties of water-ice particles in Saturn's rings
29 June 2011 Peter Kollmann Saturn's radiation belts
Juanjo Piqueras Camera development for PHI onboard Solar Orbiter
Wieland Dietrich The convective origin of hemispherical dynamos
15 June 2011 Neda Dadashi The quiet-Sun average Doppler shift of transition regions and coronal lines up to 2 MK
Jisesh Sethunadh Development of a General Circulation Model for the stratosphere of Jupiter
Bastian Gundlach Experimental study of the outgassing of icy bodies in the Solar System
1 June 2011 Jonas Hesemann Limb observations by Venus Monitoring Camera
Vedat Tanriverdi Spectral analysis of the induction equation
Jayant Joshi Convection in sunspot penumbra
18 May 2011 Tino Riethmüller Comparison of Bright Point properties between MHD simulations and Sunrise data
Benjamin Beeck (Magneto-)Convection in Cool Stars
Nadine Nettelmann
Giant planets: far out, close-in, and deep inside
4 May 2011 Tijmen van Wettum Heating the Solar Corona
Maria Dasi Espuig Reconstruction of total solar irradiance since 1878
20 Apr 2011 Eugene Shalygin Retrieving the surface emissivity from the Venus Monitoring Camera night-side infra-red images
Hendrik Kriegel Influence of negatively charged plume grains on the structure of Enceladus' Alfven wings: hybrid simulations versus Cassini MAG data
2 Mar 2011 Lucia Duarte Explaining the simplicity of Saturn's magnetic field
Juan Sanchez Phase angle and temperature-induced effect on the spectral analysis of asteroids
Ronny Lutz Searching for exoplanets around post-RGB stars
Günther Wuchterl
CoRoT: planet-formation and a physical theory of planetary mass
16 Feb 2011 Navdeep Panesar Clouds and hazes of Venus
Yeon Joo Lee Radiative energy balance in the Venus cloud layer
Iulia Chifu 3D reconstruction of CMEs
2 Feb 2011 Chemeda Ejeta Spectropolarimetry of the two sides of Saturn's moon Iapetus
Konstantin Finke Simulations of mechanically driven dynamos in spherical geometry
Christoph Koenders Hybrid simulations of comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko
19 Jan 2011 Megha Bhatt Derivation of the Iron Abundance Mapping Equation using SIR-2 data
Shahin Jafarzadeh Structure and Dynamics of the Sunrise Ca II H Bright Points
David Bühler Long-term variation of quiet-Sun magnetic flux patches
15 Dec 2010 Armando Gonzalez The origin of water in Jupiter stratosphere. Part II: Photochemistry
Daniel Verscharen Compressive high-frequency waves riding on a Alfven-cyclotron wave in a multi-fluid plasma
Dennis Röhrbein Analysis of 3D-MHD simulations of solar magnetoconvection
1 Dec 2010 Jinhye Park Dependence of solar proton events on their associated activities: Flare parameters
Hyunnam Kim Ground-based solar observations at the Vacuum Tower Telescope VTT
Minsup Jeong The basics of lunar photometry
17 Nov 2010 Lars Guicking Low-frequency magnetic field fluctuations at Venus
Jong Yeob Park Development of an automatic programm to count the number of sunspots using visual C++
Judith de Patoul 3D reconstruction of polar plumes from the three vantage positions of STEREO/SECCHI A,B and SOHO/EIT using the Hought-wavelet transform
3 Nov 2010 Peter Kollmann Energetic particles at Saturn
Kyoung Sun Lee Spectroscopic analysis of EUV brightenings in AR 10926 observed by Hinode/EIS
Hongdal Jun Intrusion of a magnetic field through the overlying field in the solar atmosphere induced by ballooning instability
20 Oct 2010 Anne Angsmann Magnetic fields in the ionosphere of Venus
Narges Fathalian Transverse oscillations of longitudinally stratified coronal loop systems
7 July 2010 Benjamin Beeck Magneto-convection in cool stars - Introduction and first results
Tilaye Tadesse Nonlinear force-free extrapolation of a SOLIS/VSM vector magnetogram in spherical geometry
Maria Dasi Modelling solar irradiance with the use of simulated magnetograms
30 June 2010 Wieland Dietrich Lateral cmb heat flux variations as a model for Martian paleomagnetic field
Hendrik Kriegel Hybrid simulations of Enceladus' plasma interaction and comparison with Cassini magnetometer data
Eugene Shalygin Synthetic images of the Venus surface based on VMC images
Thu 17 June 2010 Vedat Tanriverdi Spectrum of the numerical geodynamo
Setareh Javadi Relative importance of compressional heating and current dissipation for the formation of coronal X-ray bright points
Juanjo Piqueras Detector development for PHI onboard Solar Orbiter
Tue 1 June 2010 Chemeda Ejeta Spectropolarimetry of the two faces of Saturn's moon Iapetus
Raphael Attie Soft-Xray emission related to magnetic reconnection
Ramy El Maarry What do Crater Floor Polygons and Sun Dried Tomatoes have in common?
19 May 2010 Daniel Heißelmann Laboratory experiments on planteary rings: getting a handle on the 'handles'
Tino Riethmüller Bright points in the quiet Sun as observed in the visible and near UV by the balloon-born telescope Sunrise
Arianna Piccialli Cyclostrophic wind in the mesosphere of Venus from Venus Express observations
5 May 2010 Yana Maneva Preferential heating and acceleration of fast solar wind ions - hybrid simulations
10 Mar 2010 Juan Sanchez An overview of asteroids
Philippe Bourdin 3D MHD coronal model on supercomputers, Granularity effects
Peter Kollmann Sources and sinks of energetic protons in Saturn's magnetosphere
24 Feb 2010 Ferdinand Plaschke The magnetopause: a membrane under tension?
Joachim Müller A.I.K.E.F.: An adaptive hybrid model with application to fossil magnetic fields in Titan's ionosphere
10 Feb 2010 Antoine Genetelli Photospheric flows and coronal dynamics
Ronny Lutz Searching exoplanets around evolved stars
Supriya Deshpande Study of temporal evolution of small scale magnetic features in the solar atmosphere
27 Jan 2010 Daniel Verscharen Kinetics of solar wind turbulence - feedback on the proton distribution function
Dennis Röhrbein Analysis of 3D-MHD simulations of solar magneto-convection
Yacine Saidi A web-based system for travel-time sensitivity kernels computation
13 Jan 2010 Armando Gonzalez The origin of water in Jupiter stratosphere. Part I: Introduction
Megha Bhatt Understanding lunar surface by combining SIR-2 and HySI spectrometers response
Ramy El Maarry Crater Floor Polygons (CFPs): Signs of desiccated Paleolakes on Mars?
9 Dec 2009 Manuela Lippi The composition of cometary ices from high resolution spectroscopy in the IR
Kristofer Hallgren First detection of tides in mesospheric water vapor
Anna Müller Energetic particle injections in the Kronian magnetosphere
25 Nov 2009 Yeon Joo Lee Radiative energy balance in the Venus atmosphere
Neda Dadashi The average Doppler shift of solar transition region and coronal lines
Anne Angsmann Structure and dynamics of the upper ionosphere of Venus
11 Nov 2009 Judith de Patoul Stereoscopy reconstruction of polar plumes from STEREO/SECCHI data using a Hough-wavelets transform
Daniel Heyner Magnetospheric feedback on the dynamo of Mercury
Franz Josef Ahlers
The new material Graphen and why a metrologist is interested in using it
15 July 2009 Vedat Tanriverdi Shell model for MHD turbulence
Tilaye Tadesse Nonlinear force-free coronal magnetic field modeling and preprocessing of vector magnetogram in spherical geometry
M. Oppenheim
Meteor impacts: from a steady rain to showers
1 July 2009 Martin Asplund
The solar chemical composition: Does the Sun have a subsolar metallicity?
17 June 2009 Sofie Spjuth Disk-resolved photometry of small bodies
Raphael Attie Transient X-ray brightenings at supergranular junctions
Masanao Kadowaki Simulation of Martian dust cycle using Mars general circulation model
Doug Hamilton
Jupiter's dusty ring system
27 May 2009 Christian Koch Extraction of Mercury's static and time-dependent topography by a local basis function expansion of synthetic BepiColombo laser altimeter data
Shuo Yao Prominence material in magnetic clouds
20 May 2009 Jingnan Guo Is convective electric field an efficient accelerator around a 3D null point?
13 May 2009 Rick Binzel
(MIT Cambridge)
Where do meteorites come from?
22 Apr 2009 Silvia Protopapa Surface characterization of Pluto, Charon, and (47171) 1999 TC36
Julia Thalmann How to calculate the current and magnetic helicity of magnetic fields
Hui Tian Solar transition region above sunspots
Francois Forget
The climate of planet Mars
25 Feb 2009 Maria Dasi Sunspot tilt angle dependance on solar cycle global parameters
Setareh Javadi Influence of heat conduction and radiative cooling in temperature variation of a coronal bright point
11 Feb 2009 Joachim Müller A.I.K.E.F. - Adaptive Ion Kinetic Electron Fluid Simulation Model
Erik Johansson Hybrid simulations of the stellar wind interaction with close-in extrasolar planets
Lars Guicking Magnetic field oscillations in Venus' plasma environment
28 Jan 2009 Michal Drahus Microwave radiative transfer simulations for the neutral gas coma of comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko: Prospects for observations with the Microwave Instrument for the Rosetta Orbiter (MIRO)
Arianna Piccialli Thermal zonal winds in the Venus mesosphere
14 Jan 2009 Tilaye Tadesse Nonlinear force-free reconstruction in spherical coordinates for active regions of the Sun using optimization method
Jean-Baptiste Vincent A numerical model of dust coma structures in active comets
Ronny Lutz Secular period changes in pulsating subdwarf B stars
17 Dec 2008 Ramy El Maarry Aqueous alteration products and the role of impact events: insights from Phoenix
Thorsten Stahn Attempting a global fit for oscillation parameters of alpha Cen A
Kristofer Hallgren Ground based observations of short term water vapor variability in the upper mesosphere
Tetsuya Tokano
Variation in Titan's rotation caused by the atmosphere
3 Dec 2008 Anne Angsmann Structure and dynamics of the upper ionosphere of Venus
Judith de Patoul 3D reconstruction of solar polar plumes from STEREO/SECCHI images using the Hough transform
Ferdinand Plaschke The magnetopause: A membrane under tension?