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Helios 3D-spectra
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Some Helios 2  3D-spectra

Instrument 1A

A new reduction of the 3D raw data. In the following spectra we present some proton  velocity distribution functions  as isocountour plots of  phase space density. These 11 spectra correspond to a small part of the high data mode measurements of the instrument each 40.5 seconds. For each spectrum we plot the 1D counts distribution, the pitch angle mictrostructure (two bottom pictures) and a central cut (top-right), in which the magnetic field is perpendicular to screen plane. Some fluid parameters are also shown. Tha last three cuts are planes in the velocity space from the full 3D spectrum. For more details of these representationn of the velocity distribution functions see: Astudillo, H. F., S. Livi, E. Marsch, and H. Rosenbauer, Evidence for nongyrotropic alpha particles and proton distributions functions: TAUS solar wind meassurements, J. Geophys. Res., 101, 24 423, 1996.

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