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Did comets bring water to Earth? Observations of comet Hartley 2 with Herschel have revealed the first comet with water similar to that on our home planet. See Hartogh et al. 2011, Nature, 478, 218-220.


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I am a researcher in Astrophysics of the Planets and Comets Department at the Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research, Germany. My Ph.D. thesis (2004) was focusing on young protostars and their physics by means of observations, interpretation, and modelling.
I am interested in Physics, specially in Astrophysics. My main research interests are planetary science (atmospheres), low-mass star formation, observations and tecniques in the submillimeter/millimeter range, and Globular Clusters. I am particularly interested in Research with OSIRIS onboard Rosetta, and with the Herschel Space Observatory .

Main areas of Current Research:
- (Sub)millimeter wavelength studies of solar system objects
- Radio emission from protostars and yound stellar objects
- Space based observations and related science on instruments onboard Rosetta and Herschel, and coordinated ground-based observations in support of


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