Packages for some Publishers

Maintained by P.W.Daly
Last Update: Aug 20, 1999

This page is meant to locate packages supported by certain journals.


Astronomy and Astrophysics
Version 4.03 from 1998/03/16
Complete set is available as a zipped file.
Note: this package is independent of the Springer SVJour package used for other journals.

Annales Geophysicae
SVJour Version 1.7 from 1999/03/23
and AGP version 1.0 from 1999/01/11
Springer Verlag provides a general SVJour package for its journals with additional option files for specific journals. For Annales Geophysicae, this is svagp.clo. The starting line is then
Complete set (SVJour and AGP) is available as a zipped file.

General (Global) Springer Journal
The general Springer package SVJour is provided with the Annales package above
To use SVJour for an unspecified journal, select option global as
The extra files for this are available in a zipped file.

Kluwer journal articles
Version 1.1 from 1998/02/11
Complete set is available as a zipped file.

Elsevier journal articles
Version 2.12 from 1998/04/22
Available as a single class file elsart.cls
  • Manual as PDF or PostScript files.