SATIRE (Spectral And Total Irradiance REconstructions) is a semi-empirical model. It assumes that all irradiance changes on time scales longer than one day are caused by changes in the surface magnetic field. The solar surface magnetic field manifests itself in form of various brightness structures, such as dark sunspots and pores or bright faculae and the network. SATIRE has two ingredients. The first one is the fractional coverage and the distribution of various brightness structures on the solar visible disc. They are derived from solar observations and vary with time. The second component describes the brightness of various structures or their contrast with respect to the surrounding "quiet Sun" surface. These contrasts depend on the position of the feature on the solar disc and on the wavelength. They are independent of time and have been calculated from the corresponding semi-empirical model atmospheres (i.e. models describing the structure of the solar atmosphere). Depending on the observational data we use to describe the surface distribution of the magnetic structures, different versions of SATIRE have been developed. The SATIRE data sets and ancillary data sets developed along the model are organized here by the time period they cover; the modern-era, telescope-era and holocene.