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Staff of the Helio- and Asteroseismology department

Head: Prof. Dr. Laurent Gizon

Name (Homepage) Telefon 05556 979-... Room ...mps.mpg.de
Barekat, Atefeh 445 A2.72 barekat
Birch, Aaron, Dr. 379 A2.81 birch
Burston, Raymond, Dr. 124 A2.58 burston
Deutsch, Sabine 299 A2.54 deutsch
Gizon, Laurent, Prof. Dr. 439 A2.53 gizon
Hanasoge, Shravan, Dr. 124 A2.58 hanasoge
Hekker, Saskia, Dr. 124 A2.58 hekker
Nagashima, Kaori, Dr. 478 A2.94 nagashima
Papini, Emanuele 443 A2.56 papini
Saha, Arpita 468 A2.83 saha
Saglam, Adem 414 A2.84 saglam
Schou, Jesper, Dr. 161 A2.59 schou
Schunker, Hannah, Dr. 440 A2.55 schunker
White, Timothy, Dr. 124 A2.58 white
Yang, Ming-Hsu, Dr. 414 A2.84 yangm
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