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This is the start page for access to the Publication Database.

The MPS Publication Database is based on BibTeX and contains all publications from MPAE and MPS starting from 1994, and many from earlier years.

It is used as the basis for providing publication lists for the Institute's bi-annual Tätigkeitsbericht (Yearbook) as well as for several other annual reports that the Institute must provide. In particular, it is the input to the Yearbook of the Max-Planck-Gesellschaft.

Project WEB pages can link directly to the database to obtain the current publication list for that project. See >below.

As of 2004, it also contains the presentations given at conferences and meeting (talks, etc).

> View list to see list of publications, either all or selected by year, project, authors.
> New publication to submit a new publication to the database.
> New talk to enter a new presentation (talk, Vorträg).

To modify or delete an entry, first make a listing containing it, then click on its identifying key.

Note:Entries can only be submitted or modified from the MPS internal net, not from outside!

Linking from WEB pages

To obtain a list of publications belonging to a particular project, say ULYSSES, set the link as


Note that the actual stored project designation can be different from what one sees when entering the data. Check by going to the listing form, select the project, and look to see what the entries in the "Project" item are.

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