21 - 23 November, 2005

First Europlanet N2 Meeting

Waldhotel Gesundbrunnen
Northeim, Germany
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Europlanet is a EC funded project to strengthen the european community of planetary sciences. The project is funded until the end of 2009 and included 60 institutes in 17 countries all over Europe. One of the key activities of Europlanet, coordinated by MPS, is the identification and the collaboration among all the experts in Europe.

Therefore more than 30 scientists met in Northeim on November 21-23 in the "Waldhotel Gesundbrunnen" and discussed the key science questions in their fields. This first meeting was organized under the leadership of MPS by Dr. Norbert Krupp, Dr. Björn Grieger and Dr. Geraint Jones together with the Finnish Meteorologic Institute (FMI) in Helsinki. With great enthusiam 6 discipline working groups discussed unsolved problems in planetary science and identified key science questions.

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PDF Agenda
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Additional talks
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