May 12, 2006

ISSI Workshop Proposals

ISSI Europlanet

Workshop topics to be proposed to ISSI

(Outcome of telecon May 12, 2006 with M. Blanc, B. Grieger, A.-M. Harri, N. Krupp)

For 2007

  1. Climate and atmospheric circulation of terrestrial planets (Grieger)
  2. Planetary atmospheric electricity (Lebreton, Leblanc)
  3. Exchange processes from the deep interior to the surface of icy moons (Grasset)

For 2008

  1. Quantifying the Martian geochemical reservoirs (Toplis)
  2. Planetary aurorae and their electrodynamic drivers: solar wind vs. internal processes (Krupp)
  3. Solar wind - comet surface interaction (Schmidt)

Not selected this time

  • Planetary chemistry issues in support to the analysis of space mission data (Coustenis)
  • What are the connections between TNOs, Centaurs, Trojans, comets and icy satellites and what is the dynamical and morphological structure of the Kuiper belt (Graps)
  • How can we best optimize from observations, numerical experiments, lab simulations, further analysis of past mission data, the science return of Rosetta (Graps)
  • Distant activity, outbursts, splitting and disruption of cometary nuclei (Mäkinen)
  • Planets under extreme stellar conditions (Lammer) (2008)


PDF Workshop topics to be proposed to ISSI
PDF Grieger_ISSI_WS_circulation_pics.pdf PPT Grieger_ISSI_WS_circulation_pics.ppt
PDF Leblanc_ISSI_WS.pdf PPT Leblanc_ISSI_WS.ppt
PDF Grasset_ISSI_WS_02.pdf PPT Grasset_ISSI_WS_02.ppt
PDF Toplis_ISSI_EPN_DWG8_Mars_2.pdf PPT Toplis_ISSI_EPN_DWG8_Mars_2.ppt
PDF Krupp_Europlanet_ISSI_WS_aurorae.pdf     PPT Krupp_Europlanet_ISSI_WS_aurorae.ppt
PDF Schmidt_ISSI_WS_comet.pdf PPT Schmidt_ISSI_WS_comet.ppt
PDF Coustenis_ISSI_WS.pdf     DOC Coustenis_ISSI_WS.doc
PDF Lammer_Europlanet_DWG-7_ISSI_SC.pdf     PPT Lammer_Europlanet_DWG-7_ISSI_SC.ppt


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