April 24 - 26, 2006

Europlanet N2-N7 Workshop

Villafranca, Spain
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Europlanet Activities N2 (Discipline Working Groups) and N7 (Integrated and Distributed Information Service) agreed to organize a Joint Workshop dedicated to the presentation and preliminary discussions of Science Cases which will be used to constrain the design of IDIS.

N2 participants to the workshop were invited to prepare science cases and to present their proposals during the workshop.

Discussions organized with the group of experts of N7 initiated the breakdown of these cases into possible requirements for IDIS.

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PDF List of science cases
PDF List of workshop themes for ISSI
PDF Template for possible IDIS cases


PDF Coustenis_Europlanet_N2_N7_3&5&9_240406.pdf
PDF Graps_Europlanet406-1.pdf
PDF Grasset_EPN-VillafrancaDWG3.5.8.pdf
PDF Grieger_N2-N7_Workshop.pdf
PDF Grieger_SC_DWG1_Circulation-1.pdf
PDF Harri_N2-N7_SC-Overview.pdf
PDF Krupp_EPN_Villafranca_April2006.pdf
PDF Lammer-Raulin_Europlanet_N2-N7_25April2006.pdf
PDF Leblanc_Science_Cases_DWG1_1.pdf
PDF Maekinen_scicase_comets.pdf
PDF Schmidt_N2-N7_DWG4-Rosetta.pdf
PDF Toplis_EPN_N2-7_2006.pdf


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