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What is MURaM?


What is MURaM?

MURaM stands for MPS/University of Chicago Radiative MHD. It is a multidimensional MHD code developed by the Solar-MHD group at the MPS in collaboration with F. Cattaneo, T. Linde and T. Emonet of the University of Chicago. MURaM was designed to faciliate realistic simulations of solar magneto-convection and other related magnetic activity (such as pores and emerging flux tubes) in the photosphere and the upper layers of the convection zone. The simulation code includes the effects of

  • non-gray radiative transfer,
  • partial ionization,
  • full compressibility and
  • open boundary conditions
all of which are essential for a proper treatment of the physics essential to the photosphere and the upper convection zone.

For more information, click on the following reference. Also, check out the various articles about the MURaM code in the Publications page of this website.


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