[SUMER Emblem] SUMER FITS Files Catalogue Jan.96 - Feb.03

Comments on the preparation of this catalogue
Notes on FITS files by N. Morisset
FITS description by IAS

Jan.96 Feb.96 Mar.96 Apr.96 May.96 Jun.96
Jul.96 Aug.96 Sep.96 Oct.96 Nov.96 Dec.96

Jan.97 Feb.97 Mar.97 Apr.97 May.97 Jun.97
Jul.97 Aug.97 Sep.97 Oct.97 Nov.97 Dec.97

Jan.98 Feb.98 Mar.98 Apr.98 May.98 Jun.98
Jul.98 Aug.98 Sep.98 Oct.98 Nov.98 Dec.98

Jan.99 Feb.99 Mar.99 Apr.99 May.99 Jun.99
Jul.99 Aug.99 Sep.99 Oct.99 Nov.99 Dec.99

Jan.00 Feb.00 Mar.00 Apr.00 May.00 Jun.00
Jul.00 Aug.00 Sep.00 Oct.00 Nov.00 Dec.00

Jan.01 Feb.01 Mar.01 Apr.01 May.01 Jun.01
Jul.01 Aug.01 Sep.01 Oct.01 Nov.01 Dec.01

Jan.02 Feb.02 Mar.02 Apr.02 May.02 Jun.02
Jul.02 Aug.02 Sep.02 Oct.02 Nov.02 Dec.02

Jan.03 Feb.03

(There were no SUMER activities in months without links.)

[under construction] By now, most FITS files have been reprocessed from CD-ROM. (Exceptions are May.-Dec.97 and May.98, which will follow.) This has improved the quality, removed data faults etc. It has also removed some inconsistencies in the coordinates. So, when seeing the extension *.FTS (instead of *.FITS) and x-coo,y-coo (instead of y-coo,z-coo) in the detailed file list, (a) the data are from CD-ROM, (b) images are automatically reversed in the FITS files such that north is on top of the detector image. Coordinates in this catalogue are always solar coordinates and do not have to be reversed. (Notice on coordinates!)
In an effort to improve the catalogue's usefulness to scientists searching for their material, additional information was introduced from the SUMER Planning Database and the SOHO Campaign Database. Study entries in all months now include including various cross links.

Most of the information is taken (as before) semi-automatically from the FITS files' headers. Since planning data and realized data often differ, some information was put in "manually" (hoping to eliminate more errors than adding new ones). This is documented in the Chronological List of all SUMER Studies.

Generally, this catalogue provides the day and the time where studies obviously begin, plus links to the detailed lists. Studies continuing the following day are usually stated only once, at their first appearance. In the detailed lists, the following information can be found for each FITS file:

Changes in program numbers - in the early months mainly comments from the sources mentioned above - usually define a study. A title that hopefully describes and identifies the study is written on top of the list of FITS files belonging to it, together with its starting time, the (first) program ID number and the (first) program name.

Therefore, when you found the FITS file you were looking for, you can access it in its subdirectory FITS_mmmyy on SUMOP1 as usual from IDL> with
or get it from the SOHO Main Catalog.

IED, 24.Feb.03
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